6 Most Photographed Places Around The World

05/25/2022 - read

The digital age has gifted us with the chance to see the world through the eyes of millions of tourists! 

Smartphones are our heroes, as they give everyone the chance to photograph the places they see most interesting. But, have you ever wondered about the places that people agreed on being the most interesting and hence are the most photographed? 

In this article, we’ll take you through the top 6 most photographed cities! 

1- New York City, USA

Central Park, the Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, and many more amazing places call for the photographer within every tourist!
New York is a popular tourist destination with around 53 million visitors per year. 
So when you get the chance to visit the most iconic city in the world, don’t forget to take some amazing pictures. After all, it’s the memories that last forever! 

2- Paris, France

Yes, you’re right! It was the prestigious “La Tour Eiffel” that brought Paris to the top of this list.
The Eiffel Tower was designed in 1889 and was meant to be the entrance’s centerpiece of the World Trade Fair.
Paris may have amazing gardens, unique museums, and lovely cafes all around, but the landmark that no one can miss would definitely be the Eiffel Tower.

3- London, UK

The cosmopolitan city and popular tourist destination is also inspiring and photogenic!
And we can’t talk about London without talking about its most recognizable landmark, Big Ben.
Big Ben chimed for the first time 160 years ago, and since then it started to get everybody’s attention and admiration.
So the next time you’re in London, make sure to document your visit with the iconic picture in front of Big Ben.

4- Dubai, UAE

Have you ever seen anyone come to Dubai -even for transit- and missed taking a picture of Burj Khalifa? The captivating landmark in the heart of Dubai is a must-see!
Dubai is full of tourist attractions & a wide range of activities that suit everyone! 
Whether you’re looking for a luxurious experience, adventure, nightlife, or relaxation, Dubai has got something for you, and you should make the best out of these special moments and save them forever in a lovely picture.

5- Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a place where you can never get bored! With the vast range of amazing places to see, you’d be stacking a lot of cool photos in no time.
La Sagrada Familia Church, Park GĂĽlle, Casa MilĂ , La Rambla, and many many more..
Barcelona is the ultimate place to immerse yourself in if you’re an arts and culture enthusiast, and don’t forget to take a photo on the iconic Pont del Bispe! 

6- Rome, Italy

It’s hard to find a place that’s not photograph-worthy in such a rich city!
The streets of Rome have intriguing stories to tell every tourist, with the charming history of the city, you’d like to hear these stories! 
One of the most photogenic landmarks is the Renaissance church: TrinitĂ  Dei Monti, along with the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and many more exciting places, you can never run out of good photos in Rome.

As you can see, the world is full of beauty, charm, and adventures that are waiting for you to explore, experience, and capture beautiful memories! The best memories are created when you have peace of mind, so the next time you’re travelling, check out Beema's travel insurance options.
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6 Most Photographed Places Around The World

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