7 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

08/17/2022 - 7 minute read

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’d have noticed that Climate change has been the headline agenda across the news, world forums, and the United Nations.
There’s an impending danger to the world as we know it, and life on earth will likely change forever!

According to Climate Change experts, more than a third of the world’s remaining glaciers will melt by the year 2100, even if carbon emissions are reduced significantly. 
It’s about time we ask, is there anything we can do to save our planet? Is there still any hope for humanity to survive? Fortunately, there is still hope as governments across the globe scramble to uphold commitments from the Paris Climate Accord.

To make it easier for individuals to understand their impact on the environment, the term “Carbon Footprint” was introduced to the public in 2005.

So, what does it mean?

Your Carbon Footprint is the sum of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases emitted throughout each of your daily activities. You read that right; all of our activities, in one way or another, generate greenhouse gases.
Whether you are eating, driving, traveling, buying clothes, showering, or any other regular day-to-day activities, you and everything you own is leaving a mark on the environment.

Although it’s almost impossible to not leave a Carbon Footprint behind (unless you live in a cave), the good news is there are several ways to reduce it! 
Here are a few ideas:

  1. Save energy at home:

Think twice before leaving a room without switching off the lights! Most of the electricity globally is powered by fossil fuels. So, the more electricity we consume, the more fossil fuel we’re burning… and you know the rest!

Switching off unnecessary lighting, using LED bulbs, washing clothes with cold water and hanging them out to dry naturally, and unplugging unused electronic devices… are all simple ways to reduce electricity consumption and minimize your Carbon Footprint.

2. Move around:

Walking or cycling instead of driving will directly reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and this will also help with your health and fitness; it’s a win-win!

Even for longer distances, there are environmentally friendly ways to get around, like carpooling or taking public transportation such as the metro and tram.

3. Recycle:

All the items we buy and use are responsible for carbon emissions, the majority of which are released during production.

We can minimize our Carbon Footprint by buying only the items that are necessary, reusing what we buy, recycling our waste, and shopping for secondhand products where appropriate, smarter consumption!

4. Watch your food:

Producing plant-based food requires less energy and hence reduces greenhouse gas emissions.
It’s important to keep your diet balanced. This doesn’t mean making huge lifestyle changes but smarter choices that will help the environment.

Just by consuming less dairy and meat in favor of eating more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and legumes, you will be doing both your health and the environment a huge favor!

5. Travel smart:

Did you know that a plane emits 285g of Carbon per kilometer, while a train emits only 14g? That’s a great example of how our personal decisions impact the environment!
The next time you’re traveling and have the choice to choose between the two, opt for the train.
By making slight changes, you’d have played your part in saving the environment but, we must say, you are more likely to enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way!

6. Respect green spaces:

Parks, gardens, and other green spaces are crucial to the environment as they absorb carbon dioxide, reducing the heat around urban areas.
Create your own green space, get some pot plants, and take care of them.
If you have a backyard, opt for natural grass instead of paving or artificial turf.

7. Spread awareness:

As you decide to act responsibly and start making better choices to reduce your impact on the environment, share your experience with your family and friends. This will help spread awareness and will encourage you to commit to positive changes. Your friends will also help you think of better ways to do things or suggest alternatives to the activities and products you want to cut out.

We hope this article has helped you with some insights into how to reduce your Carbon Footprint.
At Beema, we are also playing our part by offering reward-based incentives for car owners that drive less than 20,000km a year through our environmentally friendly  Pay-per-kilometer insurance policy. We hope to encourage drivers to use their cars only when it is necessary and opt for public transport where possible.

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7 Ways To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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