Beema’s CEO & CBO win Outstanding Leadership Award!

04/12/2022 - 3 minute read

Nicola Garelli (CEO) and Indraneel Jain (CBO) were both given the “Outstanding Leadership Award”, and Beema was named “Best Company” at the Money2.0 conference in Dubai, UAE! 

You know what they say: behind every successful company is a great team; and behind every great team, is a great leader. And at Beema, we’ve been lucky enough to have not just one, but several great leaders heading our team that have motivated and encouraged Beemies to excel in their roles through their guidance and mentorship. 

Beema's Management Team

This week, two members from Beema’s unique management team were recognized for their roles in spearheading a mere startup in 2019 into one of the most successful InsurTech companies in just 2 years. We couldn’t be prouder of our CEO, Nicola Garelli, and our Chief Business Officer, Indraneel Jain, on the recognition of their hard work, innovation, and most importantly, their leadership; without which Beema would not have achieved all that it has in such a short time. While this doesn’t come as a surprise for Beemies, or for those who’ve worked with Nicola and Indraneel in the past, we're thrilled to receive a recognition as such from an esteemed organization. 

The nominees for this award were selected on a case-by-case basis among thousands of potential candidates by Money 2.0’s panel of experts. The selection was quite exclusive, with shortlisted candidates being individually assessed based on their education, experience, qualifications, and contributions to the industry. The award winners were honored on a global stage at the conference in Dubai - and out of the hundreds of assessed individuals, a total of just 40 winners were selected. 

“It’s extremely rewarding to be recognized for something like this. Everyone at Beema works tirelessly to find better solutions and stronger value propositions for our customers and these awards are a testament to the hard work & collaboration of our full team", said our CEO Nicola Garelli

Beema also snagged the “Best Company” award on the second day of the 3-day conference. This comes on the heels of Beema winning The Global Economics’ award for “Fastest Growing InsurTech Company” earlier this year, and Entrepreneur Middle East’s award for “Best InsurTech Solution” in 2021. And none of it could have been possible without our outstanding leadership and rockstar team, who’s dedication to Beema’s vision & success allows us to achieve milestone after milestone. Here's to many more!

Read on for a glimpse into Nicola & Indraneel’s backgrounds and experience.

Nicola Garelli, Beema’s Chief Executive Officer 

Nicola Garelli is an established entrepreneur and CEO of Beema insurance, an innovative InsurTech company. Prior to Beema, Nicola was a Partner & Director at The Boston Consulting Group - BCG Digital Ventures in London, where he led part of the ventures portfolio. Nicola worked for 18 years with leading corporations, including BCG, Booz & Company, Gruppo Gavio/Ruscalla and EY. He was also the co-founder and Chairman of iStarter, an investment company focused on early stage ventures based in London. Nicola holds a PhD in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, a MSc in Financial Engineering and a BSc in Telecommunication Engineering. In his research he is an active contributor to policy topics.Nicola is a Chartered Engineer, Member of The Council for the United States and Italy in its Young Leader Program and Junior Fellow at the Aspen Institute. He is also the trustee of BCG's The Future Makers program.

Indraneel Jain, Beema’s Chief Business Officer 

Indraneel Jain is an established business leader with over 14 years of extensive experience in e-commerce, general management, P&L ownership, strategy, revenues management, commercial engineering, marketing & sales, business planning, business development, project management, and international expansion. Indraneel is currently the CBO (Chief Business Officer) of Beema insurance, an innovative insurtech company founded in the UAE. Prior to Beema, Indraneel held esteemed roles at Al Tayer Retail, Amazon, Souq, eBay, and Homeshop. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Marketing & Retail) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce & Economics. 

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Beema’s CEO & CBO win Outstanding Leadership Award!

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