Eid Break Destinations

07/06/2022 - 4 minute read

Fancy escaping the heat during the Eid Al Adha break?
We’ve certainly been looking forward to it!

That’s why we have put together this list of beautiful destinations to help guide you in your planning to make the most of EID. 

Let’s start with some Road Trips!

They usually don’t need much planning and are generally budget-friendly, road trips are a nice way to escape from the hustle and bustle in the city… Nothing beats the genuine family fun that can be had during a long, exciting road trip! So where to?

  1. Musandam, Oman

A 2–3-hour drive seems like the perfect escapade, thrilling enough without the nasty driving fatigue, and the destination is definitely worth it!

You’ll know you arrived when you find the scenery around you change to picturesque nature between the mountain and the serene blue sea.

Take a long hike through Hajar Mountain, and take a Dhow cruise down the crystal-clear water to spot dolphins. And if you’re into water activities, there’s no better place for swimming & snorkeling!

2- Salalah, Oman

If you want a longer road trip with a rewarding destination, pack your luggage and hit Dubai-Salalah Road!

Salalah is well known for its breathtaking scenery, full of green mountains where hiking and climbing lovers can make their dreams come true.

The road is safe and well serviced, and you’ll also have the chance to split the drive by stopping over in Hamira for a good night’s sleep.

Now, let’s move to other accessible destinations outside of the UAE that doesn’t require much planning:

3- Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country with a rich history that you can’t get enough of! Baku can easily be your favorite city if you’re into history, museums, castles, beautiful architecture, and heritage.

The flame towers standing proudly in the middle of the city tell the story of how hard this authentic country is working to catch the ride to modern architecture and prosperity.

So, whether you climb the Maiden Tower, visit Carpet Museum, learn about Zoroastrianism in Fire Temple, or just simply stroll around the old parts of Baku… You will have a whole lot of fun!

4- Tbilisi, Georgia

Indulge in a culturally unique city surrounded by amazing nature that will have your heart forever!

Old Tbilisi is not huge, and you can easily plan a walking tour around it on your own to enjoy the weather and admire the beautiful tiny houses and the authentic architecture that combines the best of two worlds being on the crossroad between Europe and Asia.

You don’t want to be in Tbilisi and miss out on one of the most satisfying experiences: Sulphur Baths! There are plenty of them around Tbilisi and they are well known for their therapeutic benefits to the skin as well as the bones while releasing stress at the same time.

One last thing, Georgian cuisine is appetizing! Try to have a bite of everything!

5- Mauritius

There would be no better place to totally unplug from the city’s hustle and bustle other than a secluded beautiful island in the middle of the ocean.

Along with enjoying the pristine water, there are plenty of wildlife areas waiting for you to explore.

Want to up your adventure level? Plan a hike to the 7 Cascades Fall and enjoy a peculiar view!

We hope this list would help you decide on making the best out of the upcoming holidays. Make sure to have some fun and take the time to recharge before getting back into the office..

Pack your things, do your bookings, get your Beema travel insurance, and head to your next adventure! And always remember, Beema has got your back!

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