Foodie’s Travel Guide

06/16/2022 - 4 minute read

The topic of food is a complex yet interesting one, taste and satisfaction are often driven by unique individual experiences as opposed to a collective consensus.
Everyone has their own palette and preferences, so putting together a list of the best destinations for foodies was not an easy mission. However, we managed to pick some experiences that you don’t want to miss!
Let’s dive in on some inspiration for your next trip:

Cairo, Egypt

Well known for exceptional savory dishes and street food, Cairo offers a bunch of unique tastes that you would love to experience.
Koushari, Hawawshi, Fool & Felafel, and many more local dishes will give you a taste of Middle Eastern specialties. Bonus: all at an affordable price!

Casablanca, Morocco

Well, you can’t be in Morocco and not try their signature dish: Couscous with vegetables.
However, this is not their only forte! Morocco is a melting pot where people have come to settle from all over the world, bringing their delicious recipes with them. As a result, when you are in Casablanca, there are endless options, with a variety of dishes to offer for every foodie out there.

Don’t forget to try the Seafood Pastilla, have some Zaazaa as a dessert, and enjoy some spiced snails as a snack while strolling down the city’s beautiful streets.

Cannes, France

Here’s one to our friends who enjoy the fine dining experience, where better to find highly rated restaurants than in the elegant city of Cannes.

You can easily find Provencal Kitchens and enjoy fine dishes made with local produce.
When in Cannes, you don’t want to miss out on these dishes: red mullet with stuffed zucchini, sea bass with artichokes, and veal filet with vegetable-stuffed Conchiglioni pasta. 
And if you wish to go for dessert in the authentic French way, pass by Fromagerie Ceneri to taste the finest French cheese before dessert or in lieu of it.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires has its own way of treating street food. While it’s generally known to be eaten on the go, the Argentines had a different opinion.
Almost all street food stalls there will provide you with chairs and a table so you can relax and enjoy your meal properly.

If you are a meat lover, you need to try the famous Choripan sandwich, it’s a combination of grilled beef and pork mixed with the Argentinian signature Chimichurri sauce. 
Although Argentina might not be the first destination to pop up in your mind when you think of food, you will be surprised by the vast options of delicious meals they have!

Bangkok, Thailand

We were not surprised when we learned that Bangkok is also called the “Sanctuary of Street Food”. After all, the variety of options is incomparable! 
Let’s agree that you can’t skip the iconic Pad Thai noodles, and if you are a rice person you can opt for the Khao Pad instead.
Som Tam salad will be there for you when you need a push throughout the day as you go about exploring this interesting city.

This list can go on forever! 
So, if you are planning to explore different cultures through their flavors, it’s important to craft a customized itinerary based on your personal preferences.
Remember: The best culinary trip is the one that suits your own taste! Go explore cultures and experience warm moments with peace of mind, Beema has your back!

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Foodie’s Travel Guide

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