Get ready for Hot-Car-Summer

06/02/2021 - 5 minute read

It’s June, and for those of us in UAE, that means one thing: summer is officially here! And while it’s important to get yourself ready and protected (keep that SPF 50 with you at ALL times), have you prepared your car for that sizzling UAE heat?

The desert-high temperatures can affect your car in more ways than you realize. We all know that those with leather interiors are filled with regret during summer, and that steering wheels can literally become too hot to handle. But did you know that your car can also lose its fluids, coolants, overheat, and sustain exterior damage due to the scorching sun-rays?

Here are a few tips that will ensure that you always enjoy an easy breezy ride this summer 😎

Check that your tire pressure is juuust right 💯

Have you ever made the mistake of walking barefoot on Dubai’s sandy beaches in June? Then you can probably imagine how much our car tires suffer from the constant contact with the sizzling pavements 🍳. High temperatures and high tire pressures go hand-in-hand, which automatically increases the risk of a tire blowout. Most cars nowadays will notify you if tire pressure is higher or lower than normal, so make sure to never ignore that alert and routinely check that your tire pressure is A-Okay. And in case you don’t have the notification option, follow your car’s manual guide on recommended tire pressure and take it for a checkup at your nearest gas station, or with a tire-pressure gauge if you happen to have one. Remember: replacing a tire will take more time and money than a regular tire checkup #BetterSafeThanSorry

But incase something does happen and your tire blows out, you can call our customer service team and they’ll be right with you!

Make sure your air conditioning won't let you down 🧊

This might be the one of the most important tips, especially if you drive with children. Temperatures inside cars can rise within minutes and become even hotter than the temperature outside. Driving in a hot car (during the UAE’s scorching heat, no less) can cause serious health complications. These include heat strokes, loss of consciousness, seizures, and even death. So, it’s extremely important to make sure your AC is at its prime during those sizzling months, especially if you drive with little ones in the backseat.

One obvious way to know if your AC is not working is if your car only releases hot air from the vents. Make sure to maintain your refrigerant levels to avoid this and ensure that there are no visible leaks in or around the hood of your car. Remember: refrigerant is not the same as coolant! If you replace your refrigerant and your AC is still not working, take your car to the nearest service center to find out what the problem is.

Keep those fluid levels in check 🧃

Your car’s refrigerant isn’t the only fluid that keeps your car running smoothly. A few other fluids and lubricants, such as the coolant help cool down your engine. They also minimize the friction and prevent corrosion in the engine, which can lead to long-term damage in your car. Refer to your car manual to see how often you need to check your car’s fluids during the hotter months, and how to maintain everything properly. For safety reasons, we would suggest that you have someone at a service center replace your coolant or lubricant if need be. But if you’re a car pro who’s running low, you can usually find these things at your local gas station.

Sun damage? No thank you! 🥵

Just like our skin needs SPF to protect against sun damage, so does your car’s exterior. The scorching UV rays can seriously ruin the bodywork and paint on your car if left under the sun for too long. The paint can start to dull down, or in some cases, even begin to blister and peel due to the high temperatures. So, save yourself some unnecessary trouble, and give your car the protection it deserves by parking under shaded areas during those summer months. It can be hard to find a parking spot in Sharjah, but a few extra minutes of search time is better than hours at a car service station, amiright? Another pro tip: don’t wash your car under direct sunlight. Soap & water + sun-rays = recipe for disaster.

Make sure your battery is at its triple-A-Game 🔋

Finally, and probably the most important of our tips today: Check. Your. Battery!!! The battery is basically your car’s brain – your car can’t work or function if it’s not working properly. Batteries are usually the silent victims of UAE’s heat. They’re often subject to overheating due to a number of reasons like the evaporation of the battery fluids, fluid leaks, corrosion buildup in cable-clamps, among other things. We suggest that every few weeks, you check the hood of your car (most car batteries are under the hood, but if it’s not there, check your car manual) and ensure that there are no visible leaks. High temperatures can lead to complete battery damage, and thus, the need to buy a new one altogether. And although battery prices vary depending on size, wattage, brand, and specs, you’re looking at a range between AED250 and AED900. So, get your car battery checked and save yourself and your wallet some unnecessary trouble.

One last thing before you go 🏃‍♀️

To make sure eeeeeverything in your car is in check this summer, we suggest you schedule regular maintenance appointments at your local service center. Ideally, once a month during summer, and once every few months during cooler seasons. This way, your car won't break down on your way to your fav Khor Fakkan staycation or Abu Dhabi roadtrip!

 P.S. since people don’t go out as often during those hot months (aka drive less), make sure to check out our Pay-per-kilometer car insurance where you can earn up to 25% cashback based on the distance you drive.

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