Why You Need Travel Insurance

06/29/2021 - 4 minutes read

Travel insurance (noun)
Insurance for travelers, to pay for any medical treatment, loss of money or property, etc.

It’s summer – and you know what that means. Travel season is finally upon us! At least for those of us lucky enough to book a trip at the perfect place and time, and aren't curtailed by the C-word.

And while you start packing all your essentials and making lists of items not to forget, you probably want to add travel insurance on that to-do list. We know that not many people are aware of what travel insurance is, or what purpose it serves. So we created this quick guide with everything you need to know, so you can travel safe & smart 😉:

What is Travel Insurance? ✈️ 

Just like any other type of insurance, travel insurance is a financial safety-net that you can buy. Only it protects you while traveling. Travel insurance covers a wide spectrum of things, ranging from lost passports and suitcases to serious medical emergencies. Most people opt for travel insurance so they don’t have to worry about any “what ifs” during their vacations, especially in places they’re foreign to.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before we get into the fineprint:

  • Just like other insurance types, the benefits you get vary depending on the price you’re willing to pay. This will also depend on the length of your trip, your budget, personal circumstances, etc.
  • The situations covered by travel insurance are limited. So make sure to read your policy details thoroughly, and add any extra benefits you want to cover for a wider spectrum of potential circumstances.
  • Travel insurance is made for unanticipated events. So, if you fly out to Florida after a tropical storm was announced, don’t expect your policy to cover any damage or losses you might sustain.

How does it work? ⚙️

Essentially, travel insurance works on a reimbursement basis. Say you travel somewhere and lose your luggage. If you have travel insurance and file a claim with Beema, you will get reimbursed for the financial losses you’ve sustained.

P.S. you can file a claim online within minutes via our website or mobile app!

Do I really need it? 🤔

We’ll answer this question with a simple scenario.

Picture this: you plan a trip to the Maldives, and 1 day before your flight, you come down with a high fever and are coughing uncontrollably. You go to the hospital and are diagnosed with bronchitis (yes, other viruses exist). You can't travel, even if you wanted to. When you contact your Maldives cruise and try to cancel, they tell you it’s too late.

Now, without travel insurance, the money you spent is *poof* all gone. But if you'd thought ahead and took out a policy, you''ll probably be reimbursed for your non-refundable trip! All you need to do is file a claim and provide any supporting documents required.

It's also important to know that travel insurance policies are usually on the cheaper side – and nowhere near the cost of airfare or hotel stays. A small price to pay for ‘worst-case-scenarios’ and your peace of mind, if you ask us.  

Is COVID-19 covered? 🦠

We can tiptoe around it all we want, but we know what’s on everyone’s mind whenever the word ‘travel’ is mentioned: COVID-19. You might be wondering whether travel insurance also covers the cost of Covid related expenses. And the short answer is: yes.

Beema’s travel policies can cover trip cancellation fees related to contracting COVID-19 after booking your trip. And our ‘Emergency Medical’ cover will also bear the cost of any emergency COVID-19 related expenses during your travels if you require hospitalization.

Ok, you convinced me! Which plan do I go for? 🌍

This depends entirely on you, and on the nature of your trip. Beema offers a wide range of plans with varying benefits. Once you enter all the details of your trip, we’ll recommend a few plans for you and you can choose the one that suits you best! You can, of course, add any additional benefits you want as well. But to give you a quick overview, here are some of the things that are covered with Beema’s Travel plans:

  • Emergency medical expenses (including dental)
  • Visit of close relative in case of emergencies
  • Personal liability
  • Delayed baggage
  • Loss of passport
  • Personal baggage & money
  • Personal accident

How do I make the most out of my policy? 🎯

Don't procrastinate! 

Early bird gets the worm. And that applies to this too. With travel insurance, the earlier you purchase your policy, the wider your coverage window is. But don’t worry, we also accommodate those who are prone to procrastination. With Beema, you can get your travel policy online while waiting at your gate. It’s that easy!

Know what is and isn’t included in your policy 🤓

Read, read, read! And not just because it’s been proven to elevate your quality of life #BeemaBookClub. But because it will save you time in the future. This is not the time to skip those ‘Terms & Conditions” or sign something without fully knowing its contents. Take a few minutes to read what your specific policy covers. This way, you’ll save yourself (and us) time in the event that you think something is covered, when it actually wasn’t. It’s also a good idea incase you want to add or remove any benefits depending on the nature of your trip.

Give us a call if you need any help 📞

If you have any questions about travel insurance in general or certain things in your policy, make sure to contact our customer service team. Our Beema team is always available, even if you’re abroad and are facing a crisis. Just call our emergency hotline, and we’ll make sure to assist you right away.

Get ready, get packing, get insured! 🛡️

Travel insurance is your first line of financial defense while traveling. Think of it as a virtual protective shield that surrounds you as you explore the world. Getting the right coverage is not only thinking smart & thinking ahead, but will also give you peace of mind.  

Now yalla, get insured!

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